About Lake Tyers

Lake Tyers Camp & Caravan Park is owned and run on the behalf of the Uniting Church in Australia. The site was leased from the Cross family between 1948 and 1954. In 1954 a Committee of Management bought the property on behalf of the Methodist Church. Initially used for Easter, Youth camps and Minister retreats, it was then opened to public at Christmas. The park is now open all year round and welcomes the general public.

Lake Tyers was named after C.J. Tyers who was a Lands Commissioner in Gippsland in the 1840’s and later became the Surveyor – General.

It has been described as ‘The Pearl of the Gippsland Lakes’. There is also an aboriginal Legend which tells how one day the sea came inland to rest amongst the wooded hillsides and fell asleep and is still there today.

Descriptive names and legends give only a glimpse of the attractions of this picturesque lake with its deep water arms winding enticingly through the densely wooded valleys.

Water birds shelter and feed on the lake and its sandy dunes. Within the waters of the lake, fish abound and when in season, prawns provide many a holiday maker with a delightful meal gleaned from the lake in a few short hours on a plesent summer evening.

You can swim or boat in the lake or, if you prefer, walk over the beach and enjoy the surf of the 90 mile beach.